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ALERT: A Change In How Facebook Ranks Videos!

Once again Facebook is keeping us on our toes. Which is a great thing because every day they try to make the Facebook experience the best it can possibly be for it’s users and for businesses who are marketing to their audience. So here’s the scoop regarding NEW changes in how Facebook is going to […] ... Read More

Social Media. Where Should You Begin?

I know, you’re busy! You’re doing everything possible to keep your business humming along. Whether you work solo, or with a team, there is just too much to do and not enough hours. You know you need to be on top of social media but not only do you feel like you don’t have time but […] ... Read More

Should You Boost Your Facebook Posts?

When it comes to Facebook Marketing. There’s certain questions that come up all of the time. Should I Boost my Facebook Posts? Is probably one of the most common and for good reason. I mean, for gosh sake. It’s pretty easy to boost a social media post on Facebook for five or ten dollars with the […] ... Read More

Website FAIL? How to Get Noticed.

Imagine this; you’ve had a dream all of your life to own a fine furnishings store. One day you decide you are going to do it. Now is the time! So you take every dime you’ve ever saved, or give your right arm and get a business loan but you do what you have to […] ... Read More

Do You Really Want Smart People Around You?

How many times have you heard a business owner say, “I surround myself with people smarter than myself. That is why I am successful”? I think this is something that most people would like to think they do – or would do. But I don’t think it readily happens in the real world. So why would […] ... Read More

You HAVE TO BLOG! Here’s why…

About half of my clients consider blogging but most don’t pursue it because 1.) they think it will take too much time. 2.) they don’t know what to write about and 3.) they don’t see the value in it. Well, let me tell you something. Every single client of mine should be blogging and you […] ... Read More

The Top 3 Things You Can Do For Your Customers

If you are in business then you are dealing with customers. Whether you are working B2B or B2C you have to bring VALUE to your customers, or they will simply find someone else to help them. To provide great customer service and treat your customers right. Here are three things you can do to make sure […] ... Read More

5 Tips To Get More Facebook Fans to See Your Posts

So, a big complaint from businesses these days is that Facebook is making it harder and harder for you to reach your Facebook Fans. These are the people that actually clicked the “LIKE” button on you Facebook business page. The same ones that, by clicking that LIKE button, were saying I have an interest in what […] ... Read More

Think Outside of Your Business To Grow

You have a product or service to offer and you are on the move getting the word out about it with you website, social media; and for brick-and-mortars…locally through print ads, brochures and so on. Your working in your business silo and boy do you know about YOUR business. You may even be able to […] ... Read More

Why Competitors Don’t Really Matter

I know that feeling, it hits you in the gut. You’ve just heard that a new business is opening up right down the street from you and they will be a direct competitor. It’s been hard enough growing and retaining customers as it is. Now you’re going to have another competitor. What is THAT going […] ... Read More

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