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Should You Boost Your Facebook Posts?

By on October 2, 2016 in Social Media with 0 Comments

FB_BoostWhen it comes to Facebook Marketing. There’s certain questions that come up all of the time. Should I Boost my Facebook Posts? Is probably one of the most common and for good reason.

I mean, for gosh sake. It’s pretty easy to boost a social media post on Facebook for five or ten dollars with the grand hope that it reaches the 2,000 people that it says it should reach. All you have to do is click that little blue “boost” button.

But is it worth it to even spend that five or ten dollars? Especially if there is a good chance that it may not work? Heck, maybe it’s a better idea to go have a great lunch at Panera. Right?

Well let me give you a bit of insight so YOU can decide if Boosting a Post makes sense for your business and your budget.

First, I have to warn you…my answer to the question. “Should You Boost Your Facebook Posts” is a little wishy washy, but here it is.

I rate it as a 90% NO and 10% YES.

Let me explain.

If you want to get a little bit of brand awareness. Go ahead and spend a few bucks on boosting a POST OF VALUE. I say a post of value because if you get anything out of this, you may get people to click through if the information you are providing is relevant content and helpful to the viewer. Posts like this can often position you as an expert in a field and that’s always good too.

On the other hand, the bigger NO part of this answer is that Boosting a post does not allow you to be very specific about targeting. It does allow you to choose, gender, age, location and some interests. But it’s really not enough.

And yes, you can choose if you want your boosted post to be seen by:
– people who like your page or
– people who like your page and their friends or
– people you choose through targeting

So, if you do choose to boost a post – the only option I recommend of the three above is “people who like your page“.

As Facebook’s algorithm exists today. Most of your regular posts are not even being seen by the people who chose to like your Facebook business page. So, why not promote your services to the people that were most interested in them to begin with?

It’s kind of like making a warm call instead of a cold call. The people who have some familiarity with you are going to be more receptive to what you have to say.

Remember always…..when it comes to social media (and life in general) people need to “like, know and trust you” in order to do business with you.

Make It Visual Or Don’t Bother

One more tip for you. If you choose to boost a post. Boost ONLY a post that has a picture (preferably one that evokes an emotion) or even BETTER…a VIDEO! Video rules online so I would make it your first choice in boosting or even in regular promoted Facebook ads.

So…in summary. If you have some money to pay for ads on Facebook. You’d be much better served to create an ad through Facebook Ads Creator or the Power Editor so you have full control over your ads appearance, target, objective, call-to-action and more. You can also do testing to see which ads work the best. In general, it’s just a better way to go.

So my suggestion is to start playing around with Facebook ads that enable you to promote your page, increase conversions to your website, provide an offer and so on. An ad with a purpose is much better than a random boost on a “so-so” post.

Good luck testing. And if you need further help regarding Facebook Ads. Give me a call! (301) 676-5633.

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