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You HAVE TO BLOG! Here’s why…

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About half of my clients consider blogging but most don’t pursue it because 1.) they think it will take too much time. 2.) they don’t know what to write about and 3.) they don’t see the value in it.

Well, let me tell you something. Every single client of mine should be blogging and you should be too! Here’s my simple way of blowing all of these concerns out of the water.

It Will Take Too Much Time
Nope, sorry. Sad excuse. One blog post a month (which is what I minimally recommend) will take you 1 HOUR MAX. If you do what I recommend below…

I Don’t Know What to Write About
All you have to do is write down the top 10 to 15 questions that people ask you frequently about your business or services and then write the answers out for each, in a paragraph or two. While you’re at it, just make sure it has a few of the main keywords you think people will search on; within the copy. To make it really good. Infuse a bit of your personality in there or a relevant story to support your topic and you’ll be rockin’ the blog post.

I Don’t See The Value In It
HUH? What could be more important than talking about your business? Seriously, when you are out networking within your community (another must) do you share information about your business? When you place an advertisement in a print publication or on TV or radio, are you talking about your business? So…what’s the difference online? If you are not talking about your products or services then the person who IS out there educating people is going to make the sale before you do. Plain and simple.

AND if that’s not all….there’s Google and Bing! They LOVE blogs. Blogs show them that your site is fresh, up-to-date, relevant and probably interesting to humans.

So guess what they do?

They INDEX your site! Indexing your site that includes great content makes them happy and happy search engines will rank you well! Whoo Hoo! So for the sake of happy search engines. Write a BLOG!

But before you do…a word of caution. BE CONSISTENT. Commit to launching a new blog post on your website once per month and then share that post to all social media marketing platforms you employ. Get some mileage out of that sucker so you can make sure the world knows about you and your business. If you don’t think you have time and can commit to this. Hire me! I love writing blogs and I would love to learn more about your business so we can see it grow, grow, grow in 2017! Call me today to learn more: (301) 676-5633.

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