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Lori Curley, Owner/Operator of Curley Marketing & Social Media

Curley Marketing can take marketing off your plate for less worry and more results!

So, you’re a small business owner.  Congratulations!

When you started your business you had big dreams. People would be swarming to buy your products or services. In fact, they’d be knocking each other over to get to you, and the money would be flowing in from all directions. Everyone would want what you have!

But, something happened along the way.

You realized, it’s hard to run your own business. Every day you’re pulled in different directions and you can’t focus!

It feels like there’s barely enough time to deliver the products or services you offer to your existing customers, much less take time to think about how to attract new customers to keep your funnel full and the money flowing.

Would you sleep better at night if you had somebody else handling “that marketing stuff” while you focus on your core business tasks?

Would you rest easier knowing that you have time to work “on” your business and you can be proactive and not reactive?

It doesn’t have to be a dream. If you find the right people, you can do it all and truly be the entrepreneur you had hoped to be from day one.

About Curley Marketing

My name is Lori Curley and I started Curley Marketing and Social Media in 2006 because I realized that small business owners needed help.

Most business owners start off with a lot of energy, great ideas and a solid product or service. But after getting bogged down with the day-to-day of working “in” their business, they get to a point where ideas dry up and just thinking about marketing feels overwhelming.

The right kind of marketing = goals and dreams realized.

I am a marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience. I’ve worked in small, medium and large companies helping to market a variety of products and services to companies like AOL, The Wall Street Journal, AARP, Nascar, Sirius/XM and more. I am well versed in traditional marketing and online marketing so I can help you with your complete marketing picture.

In 2006 I started Curley Marketing for the purpose of helping small businesses because I love to see entrepreneurs succeed and reach their goals. It’s my passion.

In addition to running Curley Marketing, in 2008 I opened a brick-and-mortar business that I operated with my husband for seven successful years and sold that business in March of 2015. That experience was very helpful in giving me an even better glimpse into what small business owner’s are faced with on a daily basis. In fact, my husband used to joke that we felt like we were professional hurdlers. Every day we were presented with a new set of challenges and each day we were charged with finding solutions to overcome those hurdles. It’s just what small business owners do.

The trick is to surround yourself with people that can help manage the challenges YOU face. When it comes to presenting and getting the word out about your business I can help you with that and more.

So tell me about you and your business?