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Do you want a Free Marketing & Social Media Consultation? Because I want to give you one!


Because I am interested in learning more about your business.

I have this unquenchable desire to help people. I say people because people are what make up a business, people are consumers, people make up a Brand.

Each Brand has it’s own goals. The question is, what plan do you have in place to reach your goals?

With all of the competing priorities that make up your day, planning and then focusing can really be a challenge.

How do I know? Because I have owned my own businesses for 8 years. Yes, I said “businesses”. Before giving my complete focus to Curley Marketing. I also owned a health club! Yup, a typical brick-and-mortar facility with treadmills, ellipticals, weight equipment, classrooms, locker rooms and everything else. The whole deal. I had staff, payroll and LOTS of monthly expenses.

I started that health club business with my husband in 2008. The beginning of the worst downfall in the economy in the last 30 (and some say 60 years). It was a challenge, but I can tell you that if we didn’t have a marketing plan in plac

e (among other things) we would have never been profitable after the first two years and been able to sell this healthy business in 2015.

YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN. You can work “IN YOUR BUSINESS” all day long but if you don’t work “ON YOUR BUSINESS” and build a roadmap for how you will promote your business. It won’t happen!

Give me a call and let’s talk about what it will take for you to finally reach those goals that would enable you to REALLY succeed.

How does that sound?

I’m just a phone call away so please contact me for your Free Marketing & Social Media Consultation: (301) 676-5633. You can also fill out the form on the right.